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About Us

Lotus Regenerative and Medical Technologies, LLC (LRMT) specializes in the development and commercialization of innovative medical therapies and medical devices, with a strong focus in the emerging field of cell Therapy.


LRMT’s mission is “Service to Humanity” at its core, through our medical innovations and scientific discoveries, our goal is to provide the best therapies and safe and effective care to our patients.


Before I had stem cell procedure. I had seven stents and eight grafts in a matter of eighteen years and my life was going downhill. At one time, I couldn't walk fifteen feet without sitting down and resting. From that point that I had it done seven months ago, I 've gained a lot of strength back, I don't have the chest pain. If not for the stem cell procedure, I know I wouldn’t be here today.

- Joseph Tarachione, Dr.Warman (consulting cardiologist) -


I developed PAD, Peripheral Artery Disease. I went to Dr. Matthews, he was going to do a procedure he called a roto— rooter on the arteries, but he could n’t do so because they were full of plaque. I couldn't walk but maybe twenty feet or so, I had to constantly stop, I had such terrible pain in my right leg and it went up into my hip. I had to sit down and rest for every short while. Now, I can walk about a mile and a half and the pain is gone. I can go when I want to, where I want to.

- Herbert Shcallcross, Dr.Raju (consulting cardiologist) -